Easter Egg Hunt April2014 !

Pictures from our Eaaster Egg hunt to raise money and awareness for the Mersea Carnival Association
Pictures from our Easter Egg hunt to raise money and awareness for the Mersea Carnival Association

The Carnival Association carried out a brilliant Easter Egg Hunt this year from 12th-19th April 14, that led all participants through the village of West Mersea.

A lot of shop owners kindly sponsored a small space in their shop windows to display the hand painted eggs in a hidden location of their choice. The participants picked up their entry forms for a donation  at ‘Chrisyslden Crafts’ and ‘ShabbyAnd’ and had to find the eggs and take note of the letters, that were painted on the eggs..but not only find the letters but shuffle them around to make up the the mystery sentence ‘ Here comes the Easter Bunny!‘ We had over 30 participants who took part and the response from participants and shop owners alike was positive and the children thoroughly enjoyed the hunt.

On Saturday the 19th April 14, we had built up a stall in front of ‘ShabbyAnd’ where we collected the entry forms and handed out the chocolate  ‘trophies’ to the successful participants (kindly sponsored by STARBUCKS)

Easter Egg hunt 14 -10

Easter egg hunt 14-3

We also made people aware that we would like more people involved into our fun Carnival activities and would love to see new faces and support at our upcoming Court selection night on 17th May 14 at the Tennis Clubhouse at the Glebe! Maybe you would like to join us?

court flyer

Many thanks for the great support to ‘Chrisylden Crafts’ and ‘ShabbyAnd’ who  patiently handed out our entry forms and especially a grateful THANK YOU to Sarah at ‘ShabbyAnd’, who kept us warm on the Saturday in the sometimes drizzly cool spells throughout the morning, with teas and coffees, which we very much appreciated!!

We hope to have furthermore the great support of all the participating fabulous shops of West Mersea throughout the year on other planned events and hope that we can help to encourage more customers to walk through their doors too!

Details of the preparation  for the New Court Selection night are currently being discussed and planned and we will keep you updated- hope you drop in here soon again!

Here some more pictures of some of the fun hidden places in some shop fronts, kindly taken and sponsored by Sean Boks Photography:

Easter egg hunt 14 -6

Easte egg hunt 14-5

Easter egg hunt 14-7

Easter egg hunt 14-4

Easter Egg hunt 14-9

Easter egg hunt 2014